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It demonstrated a "more existential brand of cowardice," per the new book about Republican Mitt Romney.
Trump told "Meet the Press" that Hunter Biden received the "deal of the century" before a federal grand jury indicted the president's son.
Boebert's campaign had denied she was vaping, but the security video shows otherwise.
Officials also pointed to the ongoing scourge of illicit drugs, mainly fentanyl, as a danger to Americans.
The Pennsylvania senator gives the Florida congressman a reality check after an insult about his fashion.
The meeting will follow after the Ukrainian president’s previously scheduled appearance at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday in New York.
When asked about the possibility in the future, Trump repeatedly insisted he could have preemptively pardoned himself before leaving office.
Reproductive rights advocates in Nevada have submitted a petition to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot next year.
The former president thought he was speaking his truth, but some thought it sounded more like a confession.
Sussex Central High School’s principal refutes the teen's lawsuit, saying the footage was shown to staff for safety and he had nothing to do with the meme.