Forspoken Review Score Poll

Well, this should be interesting! The time has come to have your say on Forspoken, the Square Enix action RPG that released on PS5 last week. It's more than fair to say that this open world adventure has divided opinion. It was met with mostly lukewarm reviews, and if we're being brutally honest, it feels like the game's already been swept to one side and largely forgotten — at least as far as online discourse goes.

We gave it a 'Not Bad' 6/10 in our Forspoken PS5 review. Which concludes: "If you can push through a poorly paced story, packed with desperately dull characters, then you might find enjoyment in Frey's fantastical abilities, which undoubtedly steal the show both in and out of battle. It's not quite the disaster that the memes would have you believe, but it's certainly not the PS5 showpiece that was once promised, either."

But what do you think of Forspoken? Vote for yourself in our review score poll, and then explain your choice in the comments section below.

What score would you give Forspoken (PS5)?

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