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Image: Push Square

There’s been no shortage of chatter about the price of PSVR2, but while the timing of the headset’s release may be unfortunate with the current financial crisis, there’s no question you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. The next-gen device is lightyears ahead of its predecessor, and is pound-for-pound the best HMD on the market. And now devs are beginning to open up about just how good it is.

“It’s the pinnacle of VR,” one dev working on first-person shooter Pavlov VR explained, adding that his team has used the PSVR2 Sense Controllers’ adaptive triggers to create unique textures for each weapon. He continued: “It’s probably [performing] 10 per cent above PCVR because it’s a console and rendering is more efficient.” Asked to clarify what benchmark he was comparing to, he pointed to NVidia’s flagship ~$1,200 RTX 3090 Ti.

It’s worth noting that there are likely a number of reasons for this. PS5, as a console, has fewer overheads than a PC – and thus developers are able to extract more pound-for-pound performance from it. While it’s not explicitly mentioned by the Pavlov VR devs either, PSVR2 has a feature called foveated rendering, which works in conjunction with eye-tracking to explicitly render the objects you’re looking at in high detail. This, as a result, saves computational power.

The main point here is that virtual reality games are going to look and feel incredible on PSVR2. Yes, it threatens to be an expensive investment – but the immersion is unlikely to be matched for quite some time.